2511, 2016

Toronto School Breaks For Justice and Gets More Than Expected

Although all of our associate schools and clubs are unique they also all share a common goal which is to utilize their skills and training to bring about positive change on a global scale – especially in the area of bringing about justice for those less fortunate than ourselves. This is not always an easy task however by partnering with us martial arts schools [...]

3103, 2016

Changing the Face of Violence

Do we know what violence looks like? If I asked you to describe violence, you would likely say something like, one person striking another, maybe describe a vicious beating or perhaps make mention of the rape or murder or terrorism that you recently saw on the news. But when was the last time you actually witnessed violence? When was the last time you “experienced” violence? [...]

203, 2016

Why I Participate in Breaking Board Breaking Chains

This yearly campaign is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. In 2013, our youth group was doing a study on justice issues that IJM designed specifically for youth. As a result of that, the students wanted to do something tangible in response to what they had learned about violent oppression, human trafficking and other injustices that they had been previously unaware of. [...]

202, 2016

Justice and Martial Arts are Inseparable

Justice and martial arts are inseparable. Beyond the physical training — the kicking and punching — the pursuit of what is right and fair is a cornerstone to the martial arts lifestyle. This is what has made our Breaking Boards Breaking Chains campaign so significant and powerful. Through the participation of the public and other martial artists we are literally supporting people who are taking [...]

2701, 2016

The Pursuit of Justice – Through the martial arts

In 1994, I walked into a Dojang for the first time. I was thirty-five years young then. It still comes back to me clearly…all the NEW things to learn. It was like learning a new way to speak: Korean meanings for the commands and new etiquette like bowing before you enter the room and bowing to your instructor and classmates. Do YOU remember the first [...]

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