Although all of our associate schools and clubs are unique they also all share a common goal which is to utilize their skills and training to bring about positive change on a global scale – especially in the area of bringing about justice for those less fortunate than ourselves. This is not always an easy task however by partnering with us martial arts schools and clubs are provided an opportunity, as well as support, to do just this. When a Martial Arts school or club registers to host a BBBC Break-a-thon they automatically become an associate school of Martial Arts for Justice granting them access to a tangible way to champion social justice issues on a global scale.

As a united group, martial artists, have the capacity to change the world. Here is the story of how one of our associate schools is doing just this and the amazing success they had during their first BBBC event.

When the Toronto-based Canadian Family Taekwondo Programs (CFTP) sent in their BBBC 2016 registration they had no idea how much excitement would be generated around this event. Support for the anti-human-trafficking cause prompted enthusiasm from their students and parents alike but also participation from celebrities and well-known competitors such as former Degrassi star and founder of Miss Conception Society, Melinda Shankar, and Ontario Taekwondo Gold Medalist, Andrew Cunnane.

Alejandro Pereira, the owner of CFTP, had heard about the BBBC movement in 2015 and its focus on supporting martial artists to be “champions of freedom and justice,” but didn’t have the chance to join until 2016. With a passion for anything in life that relates to helping people, CFTPs registration to participate was a natural fit. The South American native said he knows first-hand the effects of violence and admits to witnessing all sorts of abuse, slavery, and misery, growing up in a small village outside of Paraguay’s capital city. After experiencing a difficult childhood, the later trained martial artist felt compelled to give back and empower others through taekwondo.

“I don’t know how much I can help unless I try, and I think I did a little bit” – Alejandro

Pereira and his school‘s BBBC event raised over $3,000 for the campaign which gives its funds directly to International Justice Mission (IJM) to help end human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

As the first school in Ontario to join the national break-a-thon, CFTP established themselves as leaders in the Eastern Canadian martial artists justice movement. Bringing together an unlikely group of people and creating the ultimate justice league, proving that when you follow your heart unexpected and cataclysmic results can occur at the drop of a hat or the break of a board!